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Trade Paperback
Written by Marcus P. Meleton Jr.
Art by Pete Garcia

STEP ASIDE SUPERHEROS - No one is more politically correct. No one has the power of his compassion. No one's heart bleeds more profusely. It's Liberal Man. Faster than the average white European male. More powerful than a tax-package locomotive in a Democrat controlled Congress. Able to leap tall buildings when requested by special interest groups. His motto -- I fight truth and justice for the Democrat way.

Liberal Man is the ultimate spoof on whiny, drippy liberalism. If you didn't catch Liberal Man's 10 episodes or read about him in the Washington Times, Los Angeles Times, and New York Times, then don't miss him now. Final Mission combines the best of Liberal Man stories with over 30 pages of new material as Liberal Man is launched on a mission designed to end in his death.

Includes 8 full color pin-ups. Brought to you by the team who developed Pete the P.O.'d Postal Worker.

Trade Paperback - 168 Pgs
(160 Page B&W / 8 Page Color)

Get the original Liberal Man
series of 10 comics, (all first prints) (320 pages)
for only $15.00 !!

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directly from Amazon.com

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