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Mission of Death

No one is more politically correct. No one has the power of his compassion. No one's heart bleeds more profusely.

Yes, we're referring to the adventures of "Liberal Man: Final Mission" — a trade paperback (Sharkbait Press) combining the best of the 10-issue comic-book series with all-new material, sending Liberal Man on a final mission of death.

"A favorite project of mine," author Marcus P. Meleton Jr. tells Inside the Beltway. "Liberal Man is what I call a Dudley-do-left. His intentions are good; the results are a disaster, yet he never learns from his mistakes."

Even James Carville has been a fan of the Liberal Man series, telling this newspaper after being featured in one of the cartoons: "I got a kick out of it. It's more creative . . but at least I grew hair."


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Hunting For Lawyers, and The Adventures of Liberal Man

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