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Nice Guy Press Release- 3rd Edition Released!!!!!

Vengeance is upon us. Marcus Meleton returns to teach a new generation of Nice Guy how to become the disaster women ache for. It’s nearly a decade since his last media circuit which included guest spots on Geraldo, Montel, Leeza and over 1,000 radio interviews, but Meleton, who is now married with four kids, is finally back with an updated edition of Nice Guys Don’t Get Laid. The book that sold out two editions is updated, extended, and illustrated for today’s generation of abused Nice Guys.

Much has changed in ten years, but one constant remains: Bad Boys continue to maul women while Nice Guys can hardly get a woman to text them. Since the clean-cut, loyal, intelligent Nice Guy cannot compete with the tattooed, philandering, unemployable Bad Boy, the Nice Guy has no choice but to transform himself into the disaster women crave and Nice Guys Don’t Get Laid is just the book to aid in that transformation. Outside of turning Nice Guys into “eye candy”, Meleton’s satire has had unexpected consequences. His analysis is so effective that after reading his book women have responded by immediately dropping their Bad Boyfriend.

Meleton divides the male population into five groups - Mama’s Boy, Mr. Nice Guy, Mr. Average, Mr. Bad Boy, and Mr. Psycho and he provides a test to determine where you or your significant other best fits. In the sections, 8 Easy Ways to Stick a Machete Into a Relationship and How to Get the Hot Gold-Digger Barbie You Truly Desire, Meleton gives us Nice Guy pitfalls. Meleton takes it a step further by providing the essentials in reprogramming the Nice Guy. His Brad Pitt Test immediately unveils the difference between the stench of rejection or a woman worth keeping.

Meleton explains myths of female sexuality and diagrams a theory that will change your view of women forever. Being a firm believer in “what a woman says is rarely what she really means,” Meleton constructed a translation guide for Nice Guys to decipher woman-speak. When a man hears a woman say “you are my best friend,” she really means “I have no sexual interest in you”. Or, “never change” means “you are so easy to use just the way you are.”

Women plead “where are all the Nice Guys” as they reward Bad Boys (rock stars, drug dealers, band members, gang leaders, and politicians) with their affection. You know when a woman is afflicted with, “jerk-o-holism.” She will talk about her mate, saying “I’m the only one who understands him,” when actually she is the only one who doesn’t understand him or “my friends and family hate him,” not quite realizing they have every reason to.

For men afflicted with Nice-Guy-Itis, Meleton’s Bad Boy Instructional Manual should complete the Nice Guy transformation. Out with the NICE and in with the BAD. After reading Nice Guys Don’t Get Laid, the Nice Guy will finally be prepared to become the sexually attractive jerk women always wished he could be.

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Marcus is also Author of Pete the P.O.’d Postal Worker,
Hunting For Lawyers, and The Adventures of Liberal Man

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