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15th Annual
February 7-13, 2010

Terminate your jerk relationship -- boyfriend or girlfriend -- before Valentine’s day! With Valentine’s Day arriving February 14th and Spring-cleaning just around the corner, there’s no time to waste. If you’re in a loser relationship, Valentine’s Day is the worst day of the year to remind yourself of the fact.

Women, why allow your Valentine’s Day to be another mile marker on the road of a pathetic relationship? Whether he is a philanderer, unemployable, verbally abusive, inconsiderate, self-centered, a rude-and-crude brute with a police record, or a heavy drinker (if not all of the above), don’t allow another day to pass degrading yourself with his presence.

Men, is Valentine’s Day a day when you lay gifts and offerings at the feet of your woman, only to be considered a mere pittance for the honor of knowing her? Do you live with the knowledge that another man, destined to ruin her life, could sweep her off her feet? It’s time to redirect your investments to more worthwhile objectives. Whether it is a six-pack of beer or “Professional Wrestling” tickets, your Valentine’s Day will be more fulfilling than sacrificing chocolate and precious metals at the feet of a false goddess.

This day was created as a response to Marcus Meleton’s book Nice Guys Don’t Get Laid. Analyzing the high demand for Chris Brown / James Dean-style disasters by women, Nice Guys Don’t Get Laid (3rd edition just released) instructs men on how to become the disaster women crave. Women responded to the author by asking what to do about their attachment to such jerks. “Nice” men, incapable of changing their ways, complained that they were continually locked in servant-queen relationships.

This week is for them. It’s the week to break your jerk-a-holism and celebrate Valentine’s Day with the knowledge that you have conducted a successful a jerk-ectomy.

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