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April 8 – 14, 2002

Over 50% of the House of Representatives and almost 60% of the Senate are lawyers. State legislatures and administrations are infested with them. We complain about corruption, society’s moral decay, and taxes yet we continue electing lawyers into office. That’s like trying to cure cancer by injecting patients with hepatitis. So just before the end of tax season, it is time for all of us to take a vow never to vote a lawyer into office again.

The week before taxes are due was chosen because the Federal Tax system is the most pristine example of lawyers at work. Only lawyers could have created this system -- expensive, impossible to understand, and always disappointing if contested in court.

The idea of voting lawyers out of office was conceived due to public response to Marcus Meleton’s book, Hunting For Lawyers: A Modest Proposal.  Hunting For Lawyers proposes a hunting season for lawyers to reduce the herd levels to a manageable size. One could say it is an environmentally sensitive publication.

But, because lawyers control government voting power and lawyer hunting is currently illegal, reduction of the population of lawyers cannot be achieved until they are voted out of office. Only then the proper legislation to cure the lawyer overpopulation crisis can be considered. An interview with Marcus is fun and light-hearted in a dark kind of way. Call soon.

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Hunting For Lawyers, and The Adventures of Liberal Man

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